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On October 6 & 7 OPEN's second international conference took place in Amsterdam: the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research. In a sold out Mozeskerk over 400 researchers, students, therapists and scholars gathered to listen and discuss the latest psychedelic research. From brain imaging studies on psilocybin, philosophical discussions on the meaning of altered states of consciousness to a debate on the place of MDMA in psychotherapy, ICPR set the standard for future events. The programme and info on the speakers can be reviewed here.

Research into psychedelics is slowly being taken seriously in the Netherlands. The Labyrintrecorded interviews and shot the conference for an episode on psychedelic research, to be broadcast on December 19th. Articles on the conference in Dutch national newspapersVolkskrant (6 Oct. '12) and Parool (13 Oct. '12) can be clicked and read here (only in Dutch). Finally, scientific radio program Hoe?Zo! Radio will broadcast an item on therapeutic application of psychedelics on October 18, with Dr. Kortekaas. Photos on Sunday can be found through here. Videos of the conference are being edited and will be put on our website soon.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ilsa Jerome
  • Matthew W. Johnson
  • Robin Carhart-Harris
  • Ben Sessa
  • Jordi Riba
  • José Carlos Bouso
  • Mitzi Waltz
  • Robin MacKenzie
  • Teri S. Krebs
  • Wouter Hanegraaff
  • David Erritzoe
  • David Luke
  • Leonardo Rodriguez Perez
  • Levente Móró
  • Ruud Kortekaas
  • Torsten Passie
  • Vít Pokorný
  • Alexandre Quaranta
  • Hans Gerding
  • Ian Hutchinson
  • Jonathan Hobbs
  • Òscar Parés
  • Pieter Lemmens
  • Raph Borges

ICPR 2012 (sat 6th)

ICPR 2012 (sun 7th)